The Jammu and Kashmir government has asked migrant employees not to leave the Valley, saying that security arrangements have been increased for them, PTI reported on Tuesday. The order was seen as a step to allay fears after a spate of civilian killings in Jammu and Kashmir.

Since October 2, seven civilians have been killed by militant groups in Kashmir. Four of them, including a vendor from Bihar, belonged to the Hindu and Sikh minority communities.

Divisional Commissioner Pandurang K Pole held a meeting with senior police officers in Srinagar on Saturday, according to The Indian Express. Pole told officers to ensure that migrant employees are posted in safe places.

“The chair [divisional commissioner of Kashmir] directed that no migrant employee needs to leave the district/valley and whosoever will be absent [from duty] shall be dealt with as per service rules,” said an order from Assistant Commissioner (Central) Aziz Ahmad Rather on Tuesday, according to PTI.

The order said that police officers were continuously visiting places where migrant employees live.

The Jammu and Kashmir administration had on Sunday dismissed reports that a 10-day leave has been allowed to employees belonging to minority communities in the Union Territory.

Last week, the All Kashmiri Migrant Employees Forum had written to Jammu and Kashmir’s chief secretary, saying that members of minority communities in the Valley were concerned about the situation, ABP News reported.

“Due to recent brutal and gruesome selective killings of members of Hindu community, all employees who belong to the same community feel insecure and frightened,” the forum had added. “The emerging situation reminds us of the similar situation that of decade 90s,which led to the mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. The same loss of lives cannot be afford by our community again.”

The group had urged the chief secretary to exempt members of minority communities from their duties till the situation goes back to normal.