The United States Navy on Thursday sacked three officers who were on a nuclear-powered submarine that crashed into an underwater mountain on October 2.

The officers who have been removed from their posts are Commander Cameron Aljilani, Lieutenant Commander Patrick Cashin and Master Chief Sonar Technician Cory Rodgers. Vice Admiral Karl Thomas, commander of the US 7th Fleet, took the decision to terminate the three officers, citing “loss of confidence”.

The USS Connecticut, the submarine that crashed into an underwater mountain in the South China, was subsequently forced to sail on the surface for a week to reach the Guam island in the Western Pacific Ocean, AFP reported.

Eleven sailors were injured in the crash. Although the collision damaged the vessel’s forward ballast tanks, its nuclear plant was not damaged, according to the agency.

“Thomas determined sound judgement, prudent decision-making and adherence to required procedures in navigation planning, watch team execution and risk management could have prevented the incident,” the United States Navy said in a press release.

The Navy added that the submarine is undergoing damage assessment at Guam, and will subsequently be taken to Bremerton city in Washington for repairs.

The United States Navy has not yet explained how the submarine hit the underwater mountain, according to AP.

While the crash took place on October 2, the Navy did not report the incident for five days, until it had exited the South China Sea.