The Taliban have directed television channels in Afghanistan not to air shows featuring women actors, AFP reported on Sunday. The insurgent group, which now controls Afghanistan, also called for a ban on content that goes against Islamic values.

The directives have been issued to Afghan media by the Ministry for Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, according to AFP.

‘’These are not rules but a religious guideline,” Hakif Mohajir, a spokesperson for the ministry, told the news agency.

Comedy shows believed to insult religion will also be banned, the BBC reported. The Taliban also said that women journalists should wear hijabs or head coverings while appearing on television.

Hujjatullah Mujaddedi, a member of a journalists’ organisation in Afghanistan, said some of the new guidelines were impractical and would force broadcasters to shut down, the BBC reported.

The Taliban, who returned to power in Afghanistan after 20 years, had promised to be more moderate in their rule this time.

Despite the assurances, the Taliban have forbidden women to return to work. In September, women government employees in Kabul were asked to stay home, AP had reported. The insurgent group had also told girls to not to attend school till a safe learning environment is created for them, according to Al Jazeera. Boys were allowed to attend schools.