India’s wholesale inflation increased to 14.23% in November, its highest in 12 years due to increase in prices of oil, basic metals and food products, government data showed on Tuesday.

In October the rate of inflation stood at 12.54%.

The price rise indicator in wholesale markets has remained in double digits for the eighth consecutive month.

Other products that contributed to the inflation include crude petroleum and natural gas, chemicals and chemical products.

The food index increased sharply from 3.06% in October to 6.70% in November. Wholesale inflation in fuel and power increased to 39.81% in November against 37.18% in October.

Inflation in crude petroleum stood at 91.74%, as compared to 80.57% in October.

The data showed that wholesale inflation in manufactured items was lower in October at 11.92% compared to 12.04% during the last month.

On Monday, the Centre had released data on retail inflation in November. The figure rose to 4.91% from 4.48% in October, the data showed.

Retail inflation in prices of food and beverages, clothing and footwear and housing increased during the month, offsetting the effect of reduction in taxes on fuel.

Vegetable price indices, in particular, rose sharply in both rural and urban areas. Retail inflation in food and beverages stood at 2.6%, as compared to 1.8% in October.