Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat on Friday said he will lead the party’s Assembly election campaign in the state, The Indian Express reported. Rawat made the statement after a meeting with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

Two days earlier, the former Uttarakhand chief minister had accused the Congress’ central leadership of leaving him alone to deal with certain matters related to the state. In a series of tweets, he also said that he was in a dilemma about whether it was time for him “to take rest”.

However, after the meeting with Gandhi on Friday, Rawat said that his hands were “no longer tied”, NDTV reported.

“I am completely satisfied,” he said. “The high command has told me that the Uttarakhand election will be contested under my leadership. We all must be united.”

Rawat, however, did not make any specific statement about the party’s chief ministerial face in the elections, which is expected to be held early next year.

“In Congress, after the election is completed, legislature party meets to decide their leader,” the former chief minister said, according to ANI. “They send their recommendation to Congress president and then the president decides who will lead the legislature party.”

Rawat said that the party will follow the same process in Uttarakhand as well.

Kadam kadam badhaye ja, Congress ke geet gaye ja [Keep marching forward, keep singing praises of the Congress],” he quipped, paraphrasing a popular song.

On Wednesday, however, Rawat had voiced his discontent about the state of affairs in the Congress party in Uttarakhand. He had claimed that the followers of those whose orders he had to follow had tied up his hands and feet.

“Isn’t it strange that the organisational structure at most places, instead of extending a helping hand, is standing with its head turned away or playing a negative role at a time when I have to swim across the ocean of elections,” he said in one of the tweets. “The powers that be have left crocodiles in the ocean that I have to swim in.”

Rawat’s tweets were reportedly aimed at the party’s Uttarakhand in-charge Devendra Yadav, according to The Print. Ahead of the polls, Yadav has been saying that the Congress would contest under a collective leadership, while Rawat has been pushing the party to declare him as the chief ministerial candidate, PTI reported.

On Thursday, Congress state unit chief Ganesh Godiyal endorsed Rawat’s views, saying that he had been feeling the same way for “quite some time”.