Electronic goods manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group on Wednesday announced that it is restructuring its management team in India following a mass food poisoning at its factory in Tamil Nadu’s Sriperumbudur city, PTI reported.

The factory was shut down on December 18 as protests erupted after over 250 women who work at a dormitory of the Foxconn facility suffered food poisoning. About 150 of them had to hospitalised, according to Reuters.

Foxconn is a supplier to United States-based technology company Apple.

Apple has said that it has placed the factory in Sriperumbudur on probation following the protests. It did not clarify on what being on probation meant.

In December last year, Apple had placed another of its suppliers, Taiwanese company Wistron’s factory in Karnataka on probation for failing to implement working hour management processes. At the time, Apple had said that it will not give any new business to Wistron till it improved the way workers were treated, Reuters reported.

Apple has also said that it will ensure adherence to strict standards before the factory at Sriperumbudur is reopened. “We will continue to monitor conditions closely,” its spokesperson said.

The factory was slated to reopen on Monday with a staff strength of about 10%, according to the Hindu BusinessLine. However, the reopening has now been postponed indefinitely.