The Congress’ General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Saturday told ANI that she is not saying she is the party’s chief ministerial candidate from Uttar Pradesh. Her comment came after, on Friday, when asked who the candidate would be, she had answered, “You can see my face everywhere in UP, can’t you?”

“I am not saying that I am the (CM) face,” she said in an interview to ANI. “I said that (you can see my face everywhere) in irritation because you all were asking the same question again and again.” She added that the party decided on chief minister candidates “in some places”, but in other places, they did not.

Gandhi is the party’s leader in charge of Uttar Pradesh.

She also said that she had not yet decided if she will contest in the upcoming Assembly elections in India’s largest state. “When it is decided, you will get to know.”

Regarding alliances, Gandhi said that her party was open to tying up with any outfit except the Bharatiya Janata Party, ANI reported. “The door is closed for BJP but open for other parties,” she said. “Samajwadi Party and BJP are practicing a similar style of politics because they’re benefiting from that kind of politics… The parties who go ahead on the basis of communalism and casteism have only that agenda.”

She added that she would not try to predict who would win the polls, saying it was “immature” to do so. “I can’t tell the future,” she said.

Uttar Pradesh will vote in seven phases, starting from February 10. The results will be out on March 10.

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