Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said he wanted to hold a televised debate with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, in order to resolve the differences between the two nations.

Khan made the remarks during an interview with television channel Russia Today.

“I would love to talk to Narendra Modi on television,” Khan said during the interview. “It would be so good for over a billion on the subcontinent if we can resolve our difference through a debate.”


During the interview, Khan claimed that he had “reached out” to India to resolve the Kashmir conflict after he became Pakistan’s prime minister in 2018.

“I discovered to my horror that this is not the India I had known,” Khan said. “It was taken over by this mad ideology...It’s a racist ideology which was inspired by the Nazis,” he alleged.

Khan alleged that the volume of trade between the two countries declined after “India became hostile”, adding that his government’s policy was to have economic relations with all countries, according to Reuters.

Khan will be on a two-day visit to Moscow from February 23, where he is scheduled to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. It will be the first visit by a Pakistani leader to Russia in two decades, according to Reuters.