The access to social media platform Facebook and a number of news websites, including the BBC, have been restricted in Russia, cybersecurity platforms and journalists reported on Friday.

Internet governance watchdog NetBlocks had on February 26 reported that Russia had restricted the access to Twitter and Facebook for users in the country. On Friday, NetBlocks’ internet access metrics showed that the restriction on Facebook has been widened to more service providers.

Besides, access to various news websites like the BBC, Germany’s Deutsche Welle and Latvia-based Meduza was partially and in some cases fully unavailable.

The BBC also reported, citing Moscow’s state-owned news agency RIA, that its Russian service had been restricted in the country. Meanwhile, a journalist of German news website Der Spiegel claimed that Twitter, Facebook, BBC, Deutsche Welle and app stores had been blocked in Russia.

Since the Russian invaded Ukraine on February 24, there have been several reports about Moscow’s widespread cyber attack on Kyiv. Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, on Monday said that a hacking group had used the social media website to target prominent Ukrainian military officials, politicians and a journalist.

Meanwhile, the United States and allies of Ukraine in the European Union have also taken steps to demonetise Russian state-run content platforms, according to NetBlocks.

Since February 27, Russian media platforms like RT and Sputnik, that are owned or controlled by Moscow, have been removed from Apple App Store and Google Play stores in the US, United Kingdom, European Union and Ukraine.