The Delhi Police have filed two chargesheets in the case related to apps that illegally posted photographs of Muslim women as part of an online “auction” aimed at harassing and abusing them, The Hindu reported on Wednesday.

The chargesheets stated that the creators of the apps aimed to disrupt harmony in the society. The police said that the alleged creators targeted women from various communities and defamed Muslim women.

Images of prominent Indian Muslim women had been illegally uploaded on the “Bulli Bai” application as part of an online “auction”. On January 1, many of the women who were targeted highlighted the incident on social media.

In July, an app called “Sulli Deals” had posted hundreds of images of Muslim women and described them as “deals of the day”.

“Bulli” and “sulli” are abusive and derogatory ways of referring to Muslim women.

Neeraj Bishnoi, accused of creating the “Bulli Bai” application, has been named in a 2,000-page chargesheet as the “mastermind” who committed an “inhuman” act by targeting girls, said The Hindu report. Bishnoi was arrested on January 6.

On January 9, the Delhi Police had arrested Aumkareshwar Thakur, who allegedly created the “Sulli Deals” application.

Thakur has been named in the 700-page chargesheet filed by the Delhi Police, and faces charges under the Indian Penal Code pertaining to promoting enmity, causing disharmony and sexual harassment, according to The Hindu. Bishnoi also faces similar charges.

The Delhi Police filed both chargesheets in the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s court in New Delhi on March 4, according to PTI.

The Mumbai Police also filed 2,000-page chargesheet in the case, according to The Times of India. “Detailed technical evidence” along with the statements of the women targeted have been included in the chargesheet.

In January, the Mumbai Police had arrested three students –Vishal Kumar Jha, Shweta Singh and Mayank Rawat in relation to “Bulli Bai” app.

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