The newly formed Kuki People’s Alliance on Friday pledged support to the Bharatiya Janata Party in Manipur to form the government in the state, reported The Indian Express.

The Kuki People’s Alliance, which was formally recognised in January by the Election Commission of India, won both the seats it contested in the state.

Kuki People’s Alliance President Tongmang Haokip, MLAs Kimneo Haokip Hangshing and Chinlunthang submitted the letter pledging support to the BJP to Manipur Governor La Ganesan.

“With my colleague KPA [Kuki People’s Alliance] MLA Pu Chinlunthang Zou and KPA President Pu Tongmang Haokip we have submitted our Letter of support for BJP Government to his excellency [Manipur governor],” said Hangshing in a tweet.

The Kuki People’s Alliance has been formed by two retired bureaucrats and a doctor, along with Chinlunthang. The party agenda is centered on preserving the history and identity of the Kuki people – an ethnic group native to Mizo Hills.

The Bharatiya Janata Party secured a victory in Manipur by winning 32 constituencies in the state. The majority mark for the 60-member Manipur Assembly is 31.