A man died after his car crashed into the gate of the Russian Embassy in the Romanian capital Bucharest on Wednesday, Reuters reported. It is not yet known whether the crash was deliberate or an accident.

A video of the incident shared on social media showed the car caught fire as security personnel ran through the area.

Police said firefighters who arrived at the scene were able to put the fire out but the driver died at the scene, according to Associated Press.

The Russian embassy in Bucharest told the news agency in a telephone call that it could not yet provide any details about the incident.

This came a day after Romania expelled 10 Russian diplomats for not acting in accordance with international rules, Reuters reported.

The expulsion was part of similar actions taken by several other European countries this week after reports had emerged of the alleged killing of civilians in Ukraine’s Bucha town by Russian forces.

So far, 206 Russian diplomats and embassy staff have been expelled by governments in Italy, France, Germany and other nations, according to The Guardian.

Russia called the mass expulsions of its diplomats a “short-sighted move” that will complicate communication, Al Jazeera reported.

“Narrowing down opportunities for diplomatic communication in such an unprecedentedly difficult crisis environment is a short-sighted move that will further complicate our communication, which is necessary to find a solution,” a Kremlin spokesman had said.