A 21-year-old Indian student was killed on Thursday after he sustained multiple gunshot wounds in a shooting in Canada’s Toronto city, PTI reported, citing the police.

The student, identified as Kartik Vasudev, was shot at the entrance of a subway station while he was on his way to work.

Vasudev was studying global management at Seneca University in Toronto, reported The Indian Express. He had shifted to Canada in January and was staying at an apartment he shared with his cousin.

After joining college, Vasudev had found a job at the restaurant in the Downtown area, where he used to commute using the subway and bus.

His family stays in Ghaziabad.

Kartik Vasudev’s father Jitesh Vasudev told The Indian Express that he had last spoken to his son before the 21-year-old went to work.

Jitesh Vasudev said that his son’s phone was switched off for hours following which his cousin informed the police. “News flashed that a shooting had taken place and it was then that she [cousin] realised Kartik is no more,” the father told the newspaper.

Vasudev added: “Kartik’s employer also called her [the cousin] up and said he had not come to work. Both were discussing the situation when they came to know of the shooting and recognised it was him from the pictures.”

The Toronto Police Service said in a statement that Vasudev was given medical attention by an off-duty paramedic and then taken to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The homicide squad of the Toronto Police department are conducting the investigation into the killing.

The police have said they would like to speak to witnesses that were in the area at the time as well as look at camera footage that any drivers or businesses can have.

Meanwhile, the Indian embassy in Canada said it was “shocked and distressed” to hear about Kartik Vasudev’s killing.

“We are in touch with the family and will provide all possible assistance in early repatriation of mortal remains,” the embassy tweeted.

The embassy has told the family that it will take six days to bring back Vasudev’s body.

Union Minister of External Affairs S Jaishankar also expressed his condolences to Vasudev’s family.