The price of compressed natural gas, or CNG, in Delhi and the National Capital Region has increased by Rs 2.50 per kg for the fifth time this month, Indraprastha Gas Limited said on Thursday.

With the latest revision, the gas price has increased by Rs 14.98 per kg since April 1, The Indian Express reported. CNG will now cost Rs 71.61 in Delhi.

It is priced at Rs 74.17 per kg in Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. In Gurugram, the gas is priced at Rs 79.94 per kg, according to the information posted on the website of Indraprastha Gas Limited.

Gas prices vary in states due to different value-added tax and freight charges.

Source: Indraprastha Gas Limited

Meanwhile, the price of Piped Natural Gas or PNG, which is used to supply gas to households, increased by Rs 4.25 per standard cubic meter or SCM in Delhi. PNG now costs Rs 45.85 per SCM in Delhi.