Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that “hate-in-India and Make-in-India can’t coexist” after seven global brands stopped doing business in India.

In a tweet, Gandhi also shared a picture that showed that these brands had left the country during the Bharatiya Janata Party regime. The brands are automobile manufacturers Chevrolet, Man Trucks, Fiat, United Motors, Harley Davidson, Ford and Datsun.

Gandhi also suggested that the exit of these brands has resulted in unemployment.

“The ease of driving business out of India,” he wrote. “Seven global brands, nine factories, 649 dealerships, 84,000 jobs [lost].”

He urged Modi to focus on India’s “devastating unemployment crisis”.

According to data from the World Bank, only 41.33% of India’s working age population has a job. The figure is higher in Bangladesh (53.64%) and even Pakistan (47.73%).

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In 2021, India’s urban unemployment rose to 12.6% during April-June from 9.3% in January-March