A security guard was hung from a tree upside down and beaten by a group of men on suspicion of attempted theft on Thursday in Sipat town of Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur district, NDTV reported, citing the police.

In a video that was shared widely on social media on Friday, the men could be seen thrashing the security guard identified as Mahavir with sticks even as he begged for mercy while hanging from a tree. Later, Mahavir could be seen on ground but the group continued to beat him up.

The police have arrested four persons in the case and are on the look out for another man, according to NDTV.

One of the accused persons, Manish, had complained to the police earlier this week that Mahavir was caught entering his home with the intention to steal, said Vikas Kumar, the station house officer of Sipat police station.

“We then called both parties to the police station and Mahavir was let off with a warning after Manish said he wanted to settle the matter,” the police officer said.

However, on Thursday, a villager complained to the police that Mahavir was being beaten up by a group of men. The police then went and rescued him, Kumar told reporters.

Manish told the police that Mahavir had once again entered his house, following which he and the other accused persons thrashed him, NDTV reported.