Three people died and 11 were injured after multiple shooters opened fire into a crowd on a street in Philadelphia on Saturday, The Associated Press reported.

Inspector DF Pace said that officers had fired at one of the shooters, though it was unclear whether the person was hit, The New York Times reported.

“You can imagine there were hundreds of individuals just enjoying South Street, as they do every single weekend, when this shooting broke out,” Pace said during a press conference.

He added that two handguns were recovered from the scene and that the police would have to wait until morning to review surveillance footage from nearby businesses.

Saturday’s attack in Philadelphia is an addition to a spate of mass shootings that have taken place in the United States recently.

On June 1, four persons were killed by a shooter on a hospital campus in Tulsa city of Oklahoma. The shooter, who was carrying a rifle and a handgun, was also killed.

On May 24, a gunman shot dead 19 children and two adults at the Robb Elementary School in Texas.

The attack was carried out by 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, who was eventually killed by the police.

The incident had sparked nationwide debate with the ruling Democrats calling on gun control, and the Republicans demanding better security at schools.

On June 4, United States President Joe Biden urged legislators to ban assault weapons or at least raise the minimum age to buy them.