The Opposition’s candidate for the vice-president’s post Margaret Alva on Friday said that the Trinamool Congress’ decision to abstain from voting in the election was disappointing.

“This isn’t the time for whataboutery, ego or anger,” Alva said in a tweet. “This is the time for courage, leadership and unity. I believe [Mamata Banerjee], who is the epitome of courage, will stand with the opposition.”

In the election for the vice-president’s post slated for August 6, Alva will face the National Democratic Alliance’s nominee and former West Bengal governor Jagdeep Dhankhar.

On Thursday, Trinamool Congress General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee had said that while there was no question of supporting Dhankhar, the party was also unhappy with the way the Opposition had picked its candidate.

Abhishek Banerjee had alleged that the Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee was not consulted regarding Alva’s nomination.

“They decided the candidate without consulting senior leaders like Mamata Banerjee, when the TMC has 35 MPs,” he added. “So, after taking the opinion of 85% of our MPs, we have decided to abstain from voting in the vice presidential election.”

Abhishek Banerjee had also alleged that when Dhankhar was the West Bengal governor, he always tried to undermine the state government and so the party could not vote for him.

Dhankhar was sworn in as the governor of West Bengal in July 2019. Since then, he and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had been at loggerheads on several matters.

Dhankhar was a vocal critic of Mamata Banerjee’s government in the state during his tenure as the governor. On her part, Banerjee had accused Dhankhar of being a mouthpiece of the BJP-led central government. She had alleged that the governor would interfere with the state government’s functioning.

The term of the current Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu ends on August 10.

The electoral college for picking the vice president comprises Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs. Of Parliament’s current strength of 780, the BJP alone has 394 MPs, more than the majority mark of 390.