Justice DY Chandrachud on Saturday said that accepting or being tolerant of others’ opinions does not mean one should also accept hate speech, PTI reported.

“Making mistakes, being accepting and tolerant to the opinions of others by no means translates to blind conformity,” Justice Chandrachud said. “And it does not mean not standing up against hate speech.”

Justice Chandrachud made the remarks while addressing the convocation ceremony at the Gujarat National Law University.

In his address, the Supreme Court judge advised the students that amid the increasing noise and confusion, of political, social and moral clashes of ideology, they must guide themselves by their own conscience and equitable reason, The Indian Express reported.

“Speak truth to power,” Justice Chandrachud said. “Maintain your composure in the face of unspeakable social injustices and utilise your good fortune and privilege to remedy them.”

Justice Chandrachud also told the students that they must not confuse law with justice, according to Live Law.

“At many points in your career, you will realise that what is legal is probably unjust, whereas what is just may not be always legal,” Justice Chandrachud said. “You must remember the importance of differentiating between law and justice and critiquing the law as a step to advance justice.”