A 19-year-old was arrested as a suspect after four persons were killed in seven incidents of shooting in Memphis city of Tennessee in the United States on Wednesday, reported the Associated Press.

The suspect has been identified as Ezekiel D Kelly.

Apart from the fatalities, three persons were wounded in an hours-long rampage during which a man drove around the city, firing shots at seven spots and live-streamed his actions on Facebook. The shootings started at 12.56 am on Wednesday and continued till 8.30 pm, Memphis Police Director Cerelyn Davis said at a press conference on Thursday.

The Memphis Police Department had issued alerts on Wednesday about an “armed and dangerous” suspect believed to be responsible for multiple shootings in the city.

Kelly was arrested after he crashed a vehicle he had carjacked while being chased by the police, according to The Washington Post. He has earlier been charged with first-degree murder and was released from prison this year after serving three years for aggravated assault, reported The Washington Post.

Wednesday’s shooting rampage comes after Memphis reported several violent crimes in recent weeks. Last week a 34-year-old teacher was abducted and murdered in the city. In August, Memphis Police had charged two 15-year-old boys with first-degree murder and carjacking among other offences for murdering a pastor on July 18.