The festival of Navratri can be celebrated in a purely traditional manner and without using modern sound systems such as DJs and loudspeakers, the Bombay High Court has observed, Live Law reported on Friday.

The court made the observation while allowing a Nagpur-based residents association to celebrate the festival in a silence zone on September 26. The association is organising the festival at a school playground, which is adjacent to a hospital.

A bench of Justices Sunil Shukre and Govind Sanap said that the nine-day festival cannot be celebrated if there is disturbance around devotees or if they themselves trouble others, according to Bar and Bench.

“What is worshipped for nine nights is a form of ‘shakti’ [energy],” the bench noted. “The worship to goddess of Shakti is effective only when it is done with one-pointed attention, without any hesitation, without any disturbance of mind coming from the atmosphere around us and without causing any disturbance to others.”

The court added that if any act of worship by a devotee causes annoyance or disturbance to others, there is a possibility of similar action from others.

“Every offering of worship and devotion to the presiding deity of Navratra festival must be done with great care and a devotee must ensure that by his or her actions, the discipline and sanctity of the festival are not sacrificed,” it said.