The Unique Identification Authority of India on Tuesday urged Aadhaar holders who were allotted the unique identification number more than ten years ago to update their documents.

The UIDAI said that individuals could update their proof of identity and proof of address on its online portal or at an Aadhaar centre.

“In the past ten years, Aadhaar numbers have emerged as a means for individual identification,” UIDAI said in a press release. “Aadhaar numbers are used for availing benefits of various government schemes. Individuals are expected to keep Aadhaar updated so that there are no hindrances in Aadhaar-based authentication.”

Aadhaar numbers establish identity of residents of India through photographs, iris scans and fingerprints. In August, the UIDAI said that the Centre and state governments can ask citizens to furnish their Aadhaar number in order to avail government subsidies and benefits.

The authority also said that as on June 30, more than 99% adult citizens had been issued an Aadhaar number “barring a few states”.