Japan and South Korea issued an emergency alert for their residents on Thursday after North Korea fired a long-range and two short-range ballistic missiles, reported AFP.

An intercontinental ballistic missile was also part of Thursday’s firing as it triggered an alert for residents in parts of central and northern Japan to seek shelter, reported Reuters. However, this launch seems to have failed.

The intercontinental ballistic missiles are North Korea’s longest-range weapons and are designed to carry a nuclear warhead to the other side of the planet.

Thursday’s firing was confirmed by Japan’s Defense Ministry, which said that the missile disappeared over the sea between the Korean peninsula and Japan, reported Reuters. Retired Vice Admiral Yoji Koda said that the loss of radar tracking on the projectile pointed to a failed launch, reported the news agency.

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio told reporters that North Korea’s continuous launches over the past few days are unacceptable, reported NHK News.

On Wednesday, South Korea had issued raid alerts for the Ulleungdo island, advising residents to evacuate to the nearest underground shelter, hours after North Korea fired 23 missiles.

The warning was issued after one of the short-range ballistic missiles crossed the Northern Limit Line, the de facto maritime border between the two countries. The South Korean military said that the missile landed in waters just 57 kilometers east of the mainland.

Tensions have increased in the Korean peninsula in recent months as Pyongyang has tested a series of nuclear-capable missiles and also adopted a law allowing the preemptive use of the weapons on a broad number of issues, according to the Associated Press.

North Korea has argued its weapons tests are meant to be a warning to the United States and South Korea joint military drills that it sees as an invasion rehearsal. Last week, the joint military exercises involved about 240 warplanes.