A Bengaluru court has temporarily banned the sale and distribution of a Kannada book on Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan that allegedly contains derogatory remarks about the Muslim community, reported Bar and Bench.

Additional City Civil and Sessions Judge JR Mendonca passed the interim order on Monday on a suit filed by the former Bengaluru Wakf Board Committee chairperson Rafiulla BS who claimed that the book, Tippu Nija Kanasugalu, portrays history incorrectly.

He also claimed that the book portrays practice of azan, the Muslim’s call to prayer, in a wrongful manner in order to hurt the feelings of the minority community.

The court agreed with the petitioner’s contention that if the contents of the book are false, it could lead to communal disharmony.

“If the book is circulated pending appearance of the defendants, the purpose of the application itself would be defeated,” the judge added. “It is common knowledge that the controversial books sell like hot-cakes. Therefore at this stage the balance of convenience is in favour of the plaintiff in granting the order of injunction.”

The petitioner argued that book neither has any historical support or justification nor does its author state his source of information. He contended that the author published the book without any knowledge about history and is based on his own interpretation of facts.

The court noted that the book claims in its foreword and preface that it contains the correct version of history and that the contents of actual historical books and those being taught as history in schools is false.

“It is also claimed that it is based on research and is published with an intention to unveil the true nature of Tipu Sultan,” the court said, reported Live Law.

The judge observed that the contentions by the author prima facie show that the plaintiff has a prima facie case to be granted temporary relief. He, however, said that the defendants are free to print the book at their own risk and store the ones that have already been printed.