The unemployment rate in India rose to a three-month high of 8% in November from 7.77% in October, showed data from private think tank Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy released on Thursday.

The November unemployment numbers showed that the rate of joblessness was higher in urban areas than in rural regions. Unemployment rate was 8.96% in November in urban areas as compared to 7.55% in rural regions.

In October, the unemployment rate was 7.21% in urban India and 8.04% in rural areas, the data showed.

The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy calculates unemployment rate in India to provide estimates of the country’s workforce based on a panel size of over 1.78 lakh households.

The data showed that the unemployment rate in November was the highest in Haryana at 30.6%, followed by 24.5% in Rajasthan, 23.9% in Jammu and Kashmir, 17.3% in Bihar 14.5% in Tripura.

The states and Union Territories that witnessed the least unemployment rate in the previous month are Chhattisgarh at 0.1%, followed by Uttarakhand at 1.2%, Odisha at 1.6%, Karnataka at 1.8% and Meghalaya at 2.1%.

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