Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy on Friday blamed Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu for the death of eight people at a roadshow organised by his party in Kandukur on December 28, NDTV reported.

Reddy described the roadshow as a “publicity mania” and demanded an apology for Naidu.

“Babu killed eight people for his political benefits, it is so heinous and shameful,” Reddy claimed. “For the sake of a photo shoot, for a drone shot, even though there were few people, they pushed people into a narrow lane in order to show big numbers.”

Reddy alleged that the Telugu Desam Party chief, who is also a former chief minister of the state, has done this before as well.

“During Godavari Pushkaralu in 2015, he became the reason for the death of 29 people,” Reddy said. “This is not new for him. He only cares about his publicity.”

He also denounced Naidu for taking out another roadshow in Kavali town, just a day after the deaths.

“Instead of taking moral responsibility for the death of 8 innocents, the TDP chief instead pinned the blame on the public,” Reddy said.

The police have registered a case in connection to the stampede incident, saying the public meeting had created a lot of deviations, which obstructed the officers and led to such an incident.

“The rally was given permission in the main streets, but it moved into the tiny roads as well,” said Vijaya Rao, Nellore Superintendent of Police. “A DSP rank officer will be appointed to investigate the case.”