The Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi said on Thursday that it had superseded the Delhi Wakf Board, a body that takes care of all Muslim properties that are used for religious or charitable purposes. The state sent out a notification saying it was transferring all of the board’s functions to the revenue secretary for the next six months. The government had found issue with the process of selecting the board’s chairperson six months ago, and filed a high court petition.

However, Rana Parween Siddiqui, who had won the election, said she has filed a plea in the high court seeking to quash the government’s notification. The board ordinarily comprises seven members, and the government had refused to notify the election, purportedly as it was conducted with one member missing. However, Siddiqui claimed that she had been fairly elected by four out of six members and that the high court had ordered that her status be maintained till a further ruling.