The Delhi Police on Tuesday arrested a man for allegedly killing his live-in partner and stuffing her body in a fridge at his family’s restaurant, the Hindustan Times reported.

The police alleged that the man, identified as 24-year-old Sahil Gehlot, killed his girlfriend Nikki Yadav after she got to know that he was going to get married to another woman. Yadav and Gehlot had been in a relationship since 2018 and had reportedly begun living together after coronavirus-linked restrictions were lifted.

However, Gehlot did not tell his family about his relationship with Yadav, the police said, according to The Indian Express. He reportedly did not end the relationship with Yadav even when his family fixed his marriage with another woman.

According to the authorities, Gehlot got engaged on February 9 and Yadav confronted him when she came to know about it. They then reportedly decided to elope to Himachal Pradesh in a bus.

However, Gehlot changed his mind when he started getting calls from his family members, asking him to return as quickly as possible, another unidentified police official told the Hindustan Times.

“When Yadav found that Gehlot was adamant on returning to his family, an altercation ensued and Gehlot strangled her using his cellphone’s data cable,” the official said. “He then put on the seat belt around her body and drove around 50km to his dhaba.”

After stuffing Yadav’s body in the fridge, Gehlot went to Jhajjar to get married.

The police came to know about the incident on Tuesday after receiving information that Yadav had been missing since Gehlot’s wedding last week. The authorities then called the accused man for questioning, during which he was said to have confessed to having killed her.

Meanwhile, Yadav’s father Sunil Yadav said that he was not aware that she was in a relationship, reported The Times of India. “I only reached out to him [Gehlot] after her friends gave me his number and was informed that she was last seen with him,” he said.

Gehlot told Yadav’s father that she had gone to Dehradun and Mussoorie for a vacation and that he was busy with his wedding.

The allegations in this case are similar to those pertaining to the killing of a woman named Shraddha Walkar last year. The Delhi Police alleged that Walkar’s live-in partner Aftab Poonawala murdered her and chopped her body into several pieces before throwing the body parts at different places in the city over several days.

Poonawala was arrested on November 12.