An Indian Navy Advanced Light Helicopter made an emergency landing off the Mumbai coast on Wednesday after the aircraft suddenly lost power, reported ANI.

The helicopter was carrying three personnel when the incident took place, the navy said.

“Immediate Search and Rescue ensured safe recovery of crew of three by naval patrol craft,” the spokesperson for the Navy tweeted on Wednesday. “An inquiry to investigate the incident has been ordered.”

After the helicopter lost its power, the pilot carried out controlled ditching over water. Ditching is the flight maneuver used to make an emergency landing over water.

The three rescued personnel were later taken to the Navy’s helicopter base INS Shikra and medically examined, the Navy said, reported The Indian Express.

“All three are safe,” the Navy said. “The ditched helicopter deployed its emergency flotation gear and efforts are underway to salvage it.”

An unidentified official told the newspaper that the aircraft in question was the indigenous Dhruv advanced light helicopter.