The Kerala High Court on Friday appointed a committee to inspect a landfill that caught fire on March 2 in Kochi, noting that the city administration has failed to control toxic fumes from spreading, PTI reported.

The panel comprises the Ernakulam district collector, officials of the Pollution Control Board and the secretary of the Kerala State Legal Services Authority.

The fire broke out at the Brahmapuram waste treatment plant, which reportedly processes more than 300 tonnes of waste everyday. While the fire has been largely put out, smoke from the smoldering dump has become a health hazard for residents of the city.

As a result, the Kerala government has asked residents to use N95 masks while going out.

The fire has also generated phosgene gas that has resulted in nausea and dizziness among the firefighters, according to PTI.

A bench of Justices SV Bhatti and Basant Balaji on Friday directed the Kerala chief secretary to inform the court in detail about the steps taken by the government to tackle the problem.

It also asked the committee to monitor the case and visit the site within 24 hours. The Pollution Control Board said that the situation in Brahmapuram is bad since the wind was blowing from the sea to land area.

The court said that the Brahmapuram waste plant has made headlines and asked if this was a product of contributory negligence, The Times of India reported.

“None is an exception,” the bench said. “It is only a matter of percentage of contribution by one and all. Kochi should have been a smart city, is rendered an unclean city.”

The judges also warned the Kochi corporation that it “will be exposing itself to greater risk and danger” from the court in case of harm to environment and human life.

The observations came after the same bench on Tuesday said the port-city has become a “gas chamber”. The court had then said that it will ensure that waste management in Kochi is streamlined before June 6.

Over 30 fire tenders and Indian Navy chopper were involved in an attempt to put out the fire.