The Chinese Parliament on Saturday appointed Li Qiang as the country’s new premier, the BBC reported. Li was nominated for the position by President Xi Jinping.

Li received a total of 2,936 votes in his favour. Three delegates voted against him and eight abstained from the vote.

The premier is the second-highest official in China’s political system after the general secretary, a position currently held by Xi Jinping.

Li Qiang will take over the post from Li Keqiang, who had been the premier since 2013. The new premier will face the task of reviving the Chinese economy, which has suffered since the Covid-19 pandemic.

On Friday, the Chinese Parliament unanimously endorsed the third five-year term for President Xi.

There were reportedly no other candidates for the position. Xi was also re-elected as the head of the country’s Central Military Commission.

In 2018, the Chinese president had abolished the two-term limit for the country’s top post.