Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has written to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking additional humanitarian supply, including medicines and medical equipment, New Delhi said on Wednesday.

The request comes amid the war between Ukraine and Russia. On February 24 last year, Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, triggering the most deadly conflict in Europe since World War II. Moscow claims it is a special military operation that is necessary to prevent Kyiv from being used as a platform for Western aggression. But Ukraine and its Western allies say it is an imperial-style war of occupation.

India has sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine several times since the war began.

Ukraine Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Emine Dzhaparova is presently in India, the first high-level visit from a Ukrainian official to New Delhi since the Russia invasion.

Besides seeking humanitarian aid, Dzhaparova told Sanjay Verma, the secretary (west) at the ministry of external affairs, that rebuilding infrastructure in war-torn Ukraine could be an opportunity for Indian companies.

She also highlighted Ukraine’s desire to build a stronger and closer relationship with India, the Ministry of External Affairs said on Wednesday.

The events preceding the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine could serve as an example of how to handle difficult neighbours, Dzhaparova said at the Indian Council of World Affairs on Tuesday, reported NDTV.

“India also has a difficult neighbourhood with China and Pakistan,” Dzhaparova said. “The Crimea episode has a lesson for India as well. Whenever impunity happens and if it is not stopped, it becomes bigger.”

In 2014, Russia had annexed Crimea which was part of Ukraine. At the time, the east European country could not take its territory back.

On Monday, the minister said that Kyiv also expects New Delhi to invite Ukrainian officials to participate in G20 events and intensify political dialogue, reported CNBC TV18. India holds the rotating presidency of the Group of 20 this year and will host a leaders summit in September.

“We believe India should be engaged and involved in the Ukraine issue to a great extent,” Dzhaparova told the news channel. “We believe intensification of political dialogue on the highest level is first step towards this big goal. My president is requesting a phone conversation with the prime minister. We are looking forward to welcome him in Kyiv one day.”

India has urged both Ukraine and Russia to end the war through diplomatic talks. New Delhi has also continued to buy cheaper crude oil from Moscow at a time when the West has been attempting to squeeze Russia’s economy through sanctions.

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