The Rajasthan forest department has issued a notice to comedian Shyam Rangeela for allegedly violating the Wildlife Protection Act after he made a spoof on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s jungle safari, India Today reported on Monday.

The spoof was a reference to Modi’s safari at Karnataka’s Bandipur Tiger Reserve on April 9.

On April 12, Rangeela had uploaded a video on his YouTube channel where he dressed up in attire similar to what Modi wore on April 9, and mimicked him while taking a safari through the Jhalana Leopard Reserve in Jaipur.

The video also showed him feeding a nilgai, while a cameraperson accompanied him throughout to take his pictures.

“Feeding anything to wild animals is a violation of the provisions of the Forest Act 1953 and the Wildlife Protection Act 1972,” Jaipur Regional Forest Officer Janeshwar Chaudhary told India Today. “Feeding food to wild animals causes many types of serious diseases and even their lives are in danger. Also, warning and information boards have also been installed in the Jhalana forest, flagging prohibitions on feeding the wildlife.”

Rangeela was also fined Rs 11,000 for violating the rules.

In a subsequent video explaining his stand, the comedian accepted that he had made a mistake by feeding the animal. He, however, said that the video was meant as a spoof in a lighter vein.