The Uttar Pradesh Police on Sunday picked up activist and lawyer Mohammed Shoaib from his home, his wife Malka Bi told Scroll.

Shoaib was taken away around 7.15 am by a group of police personnel, Malka Bi said in a letter to the Aminabad police station in Lucknow. She said the officials did not tell her why they picked Shoaib up.

“My husband was sleeping when the police arrived at our home,” Malka Bi told Scroll. “There were six to seven officials in plain clothes and three in uniform. My husband has not done anything at all. I don’t know why he was taken away.”

Malka Bi told the Lucknow Police that Shoaib has been suffering from high blood pressure for the past 15 years and has been unwell for the past six months.

Shoaib is the founder of an organisation named Rihai Manch, which offers legal assistance to marginalised communities. In December 2019, he was arrested in connection with protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. He was granted bail on January 15, 2020.