A police inspector from Chennai has been suspended for allegedly making inflammatory comments about Christians and Muslims on a WhatsApp group.

The official, P Rajendran, allegedly recorded disparaging remarks about the two communities and sent them as a voice note on the group. He was said to have posted the voice note in response to a man named Christopher, who posted a spiritual song on the group, The Indian Express reported.

“This is India,” Rajendran had said, according to The News Minute. “We have demolished a mosque and built a temple. Indians will worship at temples, conduct pujas, we will get sengol at Parliament...Christians and Muslims can try to stop us. If you can’t, then go to Pakistan or Saudi or elsewhere. This is Rama Rajyam.”

The police inspector also made derogatory comments about Christian beliefs, and warned another person not to share Christian songs on WhatsApp.

The Greater Chennai Police said on Monday that Rajendran has been suspended pending a departmental inquiry for sharing an “objectionable religious opinion” on social media.

The official had been serving as an Inspector, Traffic Investigation Wing, Pulinathope.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Kapil Kumar Saratkar said that police officials are guided on how to conduct themselves while speaking on sensitive topics, according to The Indian Express.

“Even during their training period, they are told to be tolerant and ensure their personal beliefs do not reflect on their duty,” he added. “If any such things occur, we take stringent action as we have initiated in this case.”