The Delhi Police on Tuesday said they have filed a case against a government school teacher for allegedly making communal slurs at a group of Muslim students in her class.

Hema Gulati of the Kailash Nagar Government Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya in Gandhinagar area made the offensive statements on August 23, when students of Class 9 were celebrating the success of India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission, according to The Indian Express.

The case was registered after the parents of the children filed a complaint with the police and the Directorate of Education. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Shahdara) Rohit Meena, however, told Scroll that the sections invoked against Gulati could not be revealed.

Family members of the students alleged that Gulati had claimed that Muslims did not have any contribution to India’s freedom struggle.

“The teacher claimed that there is darkness in the hearts of Muslims because the Kaaba [a shrine in Mecca]’ is black,” said the sister of one of the students. “She also said that Muslims have conquered everything by violence and that we slaughter animals.”

Multiple students also reiterated that Gulati made offensive comments about their religion.

Meena also told reporters that the students who faced the communal slurs will undergo counselling from the juvenile welfare officer. “Legal action will be taken... There are two-three such students, so we are counselling them all,” the police officer said.

The incident comes days after a teacher in a school in Muzaffarnagar ordered her students to slap their Muslim classmate. In a video of the incident, Tripta Tyagi of the Neha Public School can also be seen making communal statements about Muslims.

A case against Tyagi has been registered under non-cognisable charges. This means that the police cannot arrest her without a warrant. The police also need permission from a court to start an investigation.