A 19-year-old woman security guard died at Ghaziabad on Monday after she was allegedly raped by her supervisor, PTI reported.

The woman, who hailed from Jharkhand, worked as a guard at a housing society. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Rural) Vivek Chandra Yadav said that on Sunday morning, the supervisor called the woman to his office and raped her.

“After 45 minutes, she started crying and confided in her co-workers about the incident,” the official said, according to The Quint. “The victim was then taken to a hospital at 1.30 pm.”

The hospital said that the woman was admitted for acute breathlessness after the alleged sexual assault. On Sunday evening, she recorded a statement before a magistrate under Section 164 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The statement will now be considered as her dying declaration.

The police have arrested a man named Ajay and formed teams to arrest two more accused persons, according to PTI.

The deputy commissioner of police said that the authorities are waiting for the results of an autopsy and medical report. “It has come to light that she suffered damage to her lungs, but the cause of the damage is not known yet,” he added. “There are theories that she tried to die by suicide after the incident but this has not been substantiated.”

The woman’s family members alleged that she had consumed poison after being sexually assaulted. The police are awaiting a report from a forensic science laboratory to ascertain the cause of her death.