A total of 15,097 Indian tech workers moved to Canada between April 2022 to March 2023, a report has shown.

The report published by the Technology Councils of North America and Canada’s Tech Network said that Indians were the highest among the 32,115 new workers who migrated to Canada last year.

India was followed by Nigeria (1,808), Brazil (1,675), Ukraine (1,207), Philippines (1,129) and Iran (1,046).

The report titled, “Tech Workforce Trends: The Migration of Tech Workers and Tech Jobs Since the Pandemic”, attributed the move to Canada’s immigration-friendly national policy and labour cost advantage.

It added that while the majority of the tech workers – 1,900 – moved to Ontario’s Mississauga, smaller provinces there such as Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador also attracted large number of workers.

“Both reported the largest year-over-year growth in their respective tech workforces, at 16.3%,” according to the report. “Windsor, Ontario has seen the highest growth in tech workers over the past year [28%], followed by Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and Timmins, Ontario. This shift is reflective of broader workforce trends, with largely remote tech workers moving away from major metropolitan areas toward more rural locations.”

Technology Councils of North America Vice Chairperson Yvonne Pilon said that the report helps Canadians to better understand the state of their workforce ecosystem.

“Given the radical shortfall in tech workers to fill available jobs in recent years, it’s imperative we understand migration movements to better serve our members, the innovation workforce, and the broader technology ecosystem,” Pilon said.