The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has issued an advisory to airlines and the Airports Authority of India on ways to deal with instances of aircraft losing satellite signals, PTI reported on Friday.

The advisory was issued amid reports of several such instances having taken place in airspace in West Asia.

The authority listed ways to deal with threats from jamming and spoofing of the Global Navigation Satellite System, or GNSS, on which modern aircraft rely for navigation.

GNSS jamming takes place when there is interference with satellite signals at the frequencies that the navigation system uses. GNSS spoofing refers to broadcasting fake signals with the intent that the receiver should interpret them as authentic ones.

The circular issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation recommended developing contingency procedures in coordination with equipment manufacturers and assessing operational risk by conducting a safety risk assessment.

The advisory also established roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders in monitoring and mitigating threats, The Times of India reported.

The civil aviation had on October 4 formed an internal committee to look into GNSS interference over airspace in West Asia.

In late September, several commercial planes near Iran went off-route after their navigation systems picked up spoofed signals. One aircraft that received a spoofed signal almost entered Iranian airspace without permission.