Indians must be prepared for “many more meltdowns” of the Opposition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a social media post with smiley emojis on Tuesday.

Modi was reacting to a video footage from news channel India Today in which anchor Shiv Aroor is heard listing “some of the excuses being made” for the Congress poor performance in the Assembly polls in three Hindi heartland states on Sunday.

The Congress lost control of two states – Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh – to the Bharatiya Janata Party. It failed to wrest control of Madhya Pradesh from the BJP.

The party also won just one seat in the Mizoram elections. The only state where the Congress could emerge victorious was Telangana.

“May they be happy with their arrogance, lies, pessimism and ignorance,” Modi said on Tuesday. “But.. Beware of their divisive agenda. An old habit of 70 years can’t go away so easily.”

He added: “Also, such is the wisdom of the people that they have to be prepared for many more meltdowns ahead.”

In response to the social media post, some users wondered that the prime minister’s account had been hacked.

On Monday, ahead of the Winter Session of Parliament, Modi had urged the Opposition not to vent its frustration of the Assembly polls loss inside the House and move forward leaving behind its “negativity” of the last nine years.

Modi had said that the country has rejected negativity and asserted that the parliament session was a golden opportunity for the opposition.

“If I speak on basis of the assembly poll results, this is a golden opportunity for Opposition,” he said. “Instead of making plans for venting frustration over defeat, they should learn from this defeat, leaving behind the habit of negativity of the last nine years, if they move forward with positivity this session, the country will change its views towards them.”

Modi said that a new door could open for the Opposition. “I am giving them advice even if they are in Opposition,” he added.

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