The Central Bureau of Investigation has filed a chargesheet against eight people accused of killing a 55-year-old Naga woman in Manipur on July 15, reported the Hindustan Times.

While the agency did not share the name of the dead or other details of the case, the date and site of the murder that it mentioned coincided with the killing of Lucy Marem.

The woman was killed in Sawombung village of Imphal East district. The United Naga Council had that she was murdered by members of Arambai Tenggol, a Meitei militant group. It had also alleged that Marem was apprehended by the Meira Paibis, a community of Meitei women, and handed over to the Arambai Tenggol for execution.

The Central Bureau of Investigation said in a statement that it filed the chargesheet in the case before the special CBI judge in Guwahati, reported The Telegraph.

“It was alleged that at about 12.10 pm on July 15, one female was forcibly detained at Sawombung Gate by a mob numbering about 100 persons, including armed miscreants and was forcibly abducted towards Keibi village in a car,” the statement said. “...The body of the female was recovered on the same day. CBI investigation revealed that the accused were involved in the said incident.”

The statement added that an investigation is on to identify the other accused persons.

The Nagas are the second-largest community in Manipur after the majority Meiteis. Manipur has been witnessing an ethnic conflict between the Meiteis and Kukis since May 3. The violence has left over 200 persons dead and displaced nearly 60,000 people.