All ten Kuki MLAs from Manipur on Wednesday wrote to Union Home Minister Amit Shah seeking his intervention against a “biased resolution” adopted by 34 other MLAs on Sunday seeking the abrogation of the Suspension of Operations agreement with Kuki militant groups.

The Suspension of Operations agreement is a ceasefire pact signed between the Centre, the Manipur government and two conglomerates of Kuki militant outfits – the Kuki National Organisations and United Peoples Front – in 2008. The Kuki MLAs said that the demand to end the agreement is a “sinister ploy to demean and tarnish the image” of groups that signed the peace deal.

The legislators also demanded that Manipur state police commandos be immediately withdrawn from the border town of Moreh, where the situation has been tense after an ambush on security forces by suspected insurgents on December 30.

“There will be peace and tranquility once all Meitei personnel from the state forces are withdrawn from Moreh and tribal police officers and personnel deployed as is the case in Churachandpur and Kangpokpi districts,” the letter states.

The MLAs have also sought that the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act be reintroduced in the Manipur valley to empower the Assam Rifles paramilitary forces and the Indian Army as “violence continues till date” in the region.

The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act is a law granting special powers to the Indian Armed Forces and state and paramilitary forces in “disturbed areas”.

On Sunday, the group of 34 MLAs on Sunday had sought the removal of the Assam Rifles from Manipur, alleging that they had been “mute spectators” when civilians were being fired upon by Kuki rebels. The legislators said there was a need for “forces that have the ability to act by returning suppressive fire”.

Kukis and Meiteis have accused each other of violence and murder since May, after ethnic clashes erupted between the two groups. Over 200 people from both communities have lost their lives and nearly 67,000 persons have fled their homes in the conflict.