The Maldives government has asked India to provide “comprehensive details” about an incident in which Coast Guard personnel allegedly boarded Maldivian fishing vessels without consultation, PTI reported.

Malé alleged that on January 31, the Indian Army intercepted a Maldivian boat engaged in fishing within Maldives’ Special Economic Zone. It claimed that subsequently, Indian security personnel boarded three fishing vessels within the special economic zone without consulting Maldivian authorities.

Malé claimed that personnel from Indian Coast Guard Ship 246 and Indian Coast Guard Ship 253 were responsible for the incident. India is yet to respond to the allegations.

The allegations come amidst tensions between Malé and New Delhi over the former’s demand that Indian soldiers be withdrawn from the island nation.

India is the only foreign power with a military presence in the Maldives. Around 70 Indian defence personnel maintain radar stations and surveillance aircraft in the archipelago. Indian warships also help patrol the Maldives’ exclusive economic zone.

On Friday, Maldives said that India has agreed to withdraw its military personnel from the island nation by May 10 and replace the aviation management staff with civilians. The decision was announced after the second meeting of the India-Maldives High-Level Core Group in New Delhi on Friday.

However, the statement issued by India’s External Affairs Ministry had no mention of this agreement.