The Central Information Commission on Monday directed the Centre to respond to former Rajya Sabha member Subramanian Swamy’s application seeking information regarding Chinese incursions into the Indian territory under the Right to Information Act, reported Bar and Bench.

The Central Information Commission is the top appellate body under the Right to Information Act.

The Bharatiya Janata Party leader had filed an application in November 2022 seeking details regarding illegal incursions by China along the Line of Actual Control since 1996.

Swamy had filed a second appeal before the Central Information Commission after he was not satisfied with the Centre’s response in 2022.

On Tuesday, Chief Information Commissioner Heeralal Samariya directed the Public Information Officer of the Ministry of External Affairs to reconsider Swamy's application and respond within four weeks.

The Central Information Commission also asked the Centre to submit a compliance report within one week after responding to the BJP leader.

In his latest application, Swamy has also sought details of how much of India's land has been ceded to China since 2014, reported Bar and Bench. He has also asked the Centre to provide information on the number of people who have been displaced in India due to the creation of buffer zones or no man's land or ceding of Indian territory since 1996.

Swamy had also moved the Delhi High Court last year after the Centre did not respond to his application. The plea, which is still pending in court, will be next heard on April 4, reported Bar and Bench.