The National Commission for Women on Monday said it has written to the Election Commission demanding strict action against Congress’ National Spokesperson Supriya Shrinate and Kisan Congress leader HS Ahir for their derogatory comments about actress Kangana Ranaut.

The Bharatiya Janata Party on Sunday picked Ranaut as its candidate from Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi for the Lok Sabha elections.

After the announcement of Ranaut’s electoral debut, Shrinate posted a photo of the actor on social media with a derogatory caption. Ahir, who is the state joint co-ordinator of the Kisan Congress in Gujarat, also made a similar remark.

The National Commission for Women said it was “appalled” by Shrinate and Ahir’s “disgraceful conduct”.

“Such behavior is intolerable and goes against the dignity of women,” the commission said. “Rekha Sharma [chairperson of the commission] has sent a letter to the election commissioner of India demanding an immediate and strict action against them. Let’s uphold respect and dignity for all women.”

Ranaut also criticised the remarks.

“We must free our daughters from the shackles of prejudices, we must rise above the curiosity about their body parts and above all we must refrain from using sex workers’ challenging lives or circumstances as some kind of abuse or slur,” she said on social media.

‘Account misused’

Both Shrinate and Ahir said that the message had been uploaded without their knowledge and they had since deleted them.

“Many people have access to my Facebook and Instagram accounts,” she said. “Somebody among them made an extremely inappropriate post today. As soon as I came to know, I deleted that post. Everyone who knows me, also knows very well that I can never make personal and indecent comments towards any woman.”

She also said that a parody X account being run in her name was behind “the mischief”.

“Someone copied it [the objectionable post] from there and posted it on my Instagram and Facebook accounts,” said the Congress leader. “I am trying to know who has done this from those who have access. I have also reported this parody account to Twitter [X].”

Ahir has also claimed that “someone with access” to his X account “made a very disgusting and objectionable comment”.

“As soon as I came to know about this, I removed that post,” he said. “I publicly apologise to everyone for this. Special sister Kangana, I sincerely apologise to you.”

He added: “Anyone who knows me will know I would never say that for a woman. Sorry dil se [from the heart].”