The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India has asked all educational institutions under its jurisdiction not to force Christian traditions on students and have them recite the preamble of the Constitution during the daily morning assembly, The Indian Express reported on Thursday.

The body has also asked the institutions to set up an “inter-religious prayer room” on school premises and ensure that all faiths are respected.

The suggestions were made to address “emerging challenges due to the current socio-cultural, religious and political situation” in the country, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India said.

The body has approximately 14,000 schools, 650 colleges, seven universities, five medical colleges, and 450 technical and vocational institutions under its aegis.

The suggestions for educational institutions were made in a 13-page guidelines and instruction document released by the body after convening its 36th general body meeting in January in Bengaluru.

The guidelines have been issued amid attacks and protests by Hindutva groups against Christian institutions over allegations of aiding religious conversion, the newspaper reported.

The guidelines require educational institutions to “implement physical security measures to control access to school buildings and grounds, such as locked doors, entryway security systems, visitor check-in procedures and surveillance cameras”.

The guidelines also suggest that schools should promote religious and cultural sensitivity and respect for diversity among students and staff, according to The Indian Express.

It also asked schools to “display the photos of some of the prominent Indian freedom fighters, scientists, poets, national leaders, etc. at the school lobby, library, corridors, etc.” apart from the minority certificate issued to these institutions.