Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday described the landmark global climate deal signed in Paris as a victory of "climate justice", adding there are no winners or losers in the outcome. He said that the deliberations at the two-week-long summit demonstrated "the collective wisdom of world leaders to mitigate". The prime minister's comments came after a historic climate change pact was sealed on Saturday by 196 countries participating in the United Nations climate change conference in Paris, following days of intense discussions to settle differences.

The legally-binding pact contains pledges by individual nations to significantly reduce emissions from the burning of fossil fuels and limit global warming to "well below" two degrees Celsius. Developed countries also committed to provide developing nations at least $100 billion a year from 2020 as assistance, but this was not included in the legally-binding section of the deal following objections from the United States.

"The Paris agreement on climate change is a monumental success for the planet and its people,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said. Indian environment minister Prakash Javadekar welcomed the agreement and assured that the text takes care of India's concerns. The final 31-page agreement contains a clear differentiation between developed and developing countries and also includes a section on "sustainable lifestyles and climate justice", both of which India had been demanding, PTI reported.

Environmental organisations praised the accord, but few believe negotiators could have pushed for more to help the world’s poorest countries tackle the effects of climate change. Executive director of Greenpeace International Kumi Naidoo said, “The Paris agreement is only one step on the long road, and there are parts of it that frustrate and disappoint me, but it is progress.”