Social networking giant Twitter has issued a notice warning some of its users that government-sponsored hackers might be trying to steal their personal data. It isn't clear whether the warning is restricted to the United States only. This is the first-such warning issued by the social networking site, following similar cautions from Google and Facebook.

According to Twitter’s notice, a “small group of attackers” was operating, but it is unlikely that they have gathered much information. According to Reuters, all kinds of organisations have been targeted by government-sponsored attackers, including businesses, media firms and government agencies.

An organisation that received the warning, a Winnipeg-based nonprofit called Coldhak, said Twitter wrote to them on Friday saying attackers might be trying to get their email addresses, IP addresses, and/or phone numbers. Once Coldhak tweeted about the notice, other organisations also responded saying they had received the same. The companies, however, said there has been no noticeable impact from the supposed hacking.