Hyderabad police arrested a 30-year-old systems engineer, Syed Emad Hasan, for confining a former colleague in his house and sexually abusing her for five days. The Indian Express reported that 27-year-old woman was found in his flat in Tolichowki after she managed to send a text message and posted an alert on social media. Police said Hasan wanted to marry her against her wishes and assaulted her, trying to force her to convert to Islam and agree to his proposal.

The woman had joined the Hasan's company in June, but left for another job in Dubai in August. Hasan allegedly began harassing her and threatening her, asking her for inappropriate pictures of herself. He also threatened to send her father videos and photos of them together. The woman returned to Hyderabad to meet him and get all the photos and videos. On December 14, he picked her up from the airport and took her to his flat, where he abused her and threatened to continue till she agreed to marry him.

On December 20, the woman used Hasan's phone and laptop to send a text message and post an SOS on social media. The police were alerted after that.