To mark the one-year anniversary of the terror attacks on its offices, French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo will release a special edition on Wednesday, AFP reported. The cover, which was released on Monday, features a bloodied figure of God with a gun strapped on, under the headline, “One year on: The assassin is still at large.” As many as one million copies will go on sale in France.

On January 7 last year, 12 people, including eight Charlie Hebdo staff, were victims of the attack at the magazine’s offices in Paris. Al-Qaeda’s branch in the Arabian Peninsula had claimed responsibility of the attacks, saying it was revenge for the cartoons it published of Prophet Mohammed. As many as 17 people were killed in three days, after a Jewish supermarket and police personnel were also targeted.

The magazine had nearly shut down the month before the attack took place, but the protests by millions in France that followed the incident and the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie going viral brought it global readership. A week after the attacks, the magazine released another edition with a front cover featuring Prophet Mohammed with a tear in his eye, under the headline “All is forgiven”. It sold 7.5 million copies, but triggered protests across the Muslim world.